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Transforming Christian Ministries

Stewardship… Discipleship… Vision. Integrating these is a path to transformation. Transforming Christian Ministries employs proven practices, inspired teaching and focused leadership for the integration of stewardship and discipleship to assist partner clients to achieve more than fundraising. Our team will lead your ministry to a new level of transformational stewardship. A custom created Transforming Christian Ministries plan builds from this foundation for a fresh, personalized approach to funding ministry in the church and other faith-based organizations. The result is a culture of generosity among ministry supporters.



Envisioning and Strategic Planning
Envisioning and Strategic Planning
Capital Stewardship Movement
Major Gift Fund Raising
Planning and Program Assessments
Adjunct Pastor of Stewardship
Executive Counsel to Pastoral Leadership


When facing the prospect of our first significant capital campaign our leadership team was uncertain as to whether we should hire a consultant to help guide us through the process. After much discussion, and interviewing potential companies, we decided to hire Transforming Christian Ministries. It was a decision we have not regretted. Rick Vilardo was our consultant throughout the process, guiding us through the selection of team leaders, coaching our teams, and customizing the program to the uniqueness of our congregation… Most importantly, Rick grounds the campaign on the mission and vision of the church and who we are called to be in Christ. From day one the campaign was rooted in prayer, outreach, and a Biblical model of stewardship.

Dr. Christopher Schmidt
Parrish United Methodist Church
I was a little curious at first if we could find a consultant who could work with our church culture. We’re in a post-Christian, urban context and have a lot of young people (some of whom have been burned by ways churches talk about money). But because TCM’s approach adapts to the language and culture of the local congregation and because it’s based on Kingdom values, it can translate to any ministry context. The deeply prayerful, collaborative approach engaged even our younger and less engaged folks… I was deeply appreciative of Michael and Rick. Having had decades of ministry experience between them, they not only understand how churches function, they have a pastoral approach to their work. They guided us through the process with warmth and care, answering questions carefully, responding to needs as they arose.
Mandy Smith
Lead Pastor
University Christian Church