A Definition of “Enough”

This past weekend I attended worship at a church in Mississippi (it wasn’t as hot as in Cincinnati) where I assisted them in a campaign that built a wonderful multi-purpose building and classrooms. In his message the pastor recalled a mission trip he took years ago to the “Four Corners” area in the west. He told the story of meeting a leader of the Navajo people. They were a group who had many needs but had a wonderful spirit. This pastor asked his host what the definition for the Navajo is for success. The response was, “Success for us is to have enough to share.”
What do you think? I like that definition. It reminds me of something a financial planner told me a couple of weeks ago. She was meeting with one of her clients who was planning to give most of his wealth away. His wife was surprised by this direction. He told her, in the presence of this advisor, “I can keep it (the resources) and grow it and watch it grow, or I can give it to others, watch them grow, and see who they can become.”
When do we have enough to share? Do we feel successful when we do?

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