How Do You Remain Positive, Loving,Caring In Our Divisive World?

A friend and retired pastor sent me an email where he debated several of the claims made by a local “Tea Party” chapter about the place of faith, morality and politics. He points to Jesus’ sayings in the Beatitudes as the place he finds a moral center for life and society–even more than with the 10 Commandments. He writes, “If humankind followed (Jesus’s) Beatitudes, we would read and hear and experience a love and grace and hope and joy that would turn the world upside down.”
I began to wonder about where people go or what ways they have to feed their souls with what is positive and of God. I would agree with my friend that Jesus’ words from the Sermon on the Mount are fairly comprehensive in presenting God’s grace and will for our lives. Yesterday I read this statement: “Surround yourself with chances to learn, serve, and worship that happen not just occasionally, but throughout the year. Open yourself to God not just at big events, but in daily life. Give those seeds (of faith) a chance to grow!” (Abby Thornton)
Share with me some of the ways you “give those seeds a chance to grow” in your life. All who read this will benefit.

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