World Choir Games Gospel Competition Fun and Uplifting

Marcie and I attended the Gospel Competition of the World Choir Games today and heard choirs from Canada, Germany, South Africa and the U.S. (New York, Wilberforce University, Fort Wayne, and Cinci). The music was beautiful, exciting and inspiring. It was fun! But what most inspired me was what I saw in the “Gospel Choirs.” Each one was a mix of races, ethnicity and genders and they were singing about faith and hope with incredible enthusiasm. I told Lowell McCoy (member of HPCUMC and former Professor of Homiletics at Hebrew Union Seminary) that the choirs were more a proclamation of what I believe God’s kingdom is meant to be than any words he or I ever preached or taught. He laughed with me and agreed.
Have you had any such moving experience in your life recently? Been inspired by a song or experience?
Hope you are having a wonderful summer!

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